Submit your Screenplay
We are looking for short screenplays to film...
Here are some suggested parameters to consider for screenplay submissions:
  • Keep the script from 5 to 10 minutes in length – 15 minutes MAX
    (Time estimate: 1 minute per page).
  • The location must be convenient, eg, an accessible NYC location. Some examples: someone's apartment (bedroom, living room, etc), a park in Queens (daylight, no rain), other location you have access to (an office space, etc), script should use at least 2 locations.
  • A small number of actors, anywhere from 1 to 4 would be good.
  • Please no fancy or expensive costumes, sets or props (ie, not a period piece).
  • You will get screen credit (no money).
  • A complete story, not just part of one.
  • No music unless you can get permission to use it.
  • Submissions should be in Screenplay format (visual as opposed to only dialog).
  • Preference given to screenplays with LGBT subject matter.

You can either:
  • Come to a meeting and tell us about it.
  • email it to us (see the "Contact Us" tab above).

We accept:
  • Files: TXT, DOC, RTF, PDF.

The Club meets at the LGBT Center at 208 West 13th St. (between 7th and 8th) on the third Tuesday of every month at 6:00 pm. Cost: $5 to help with room rental.

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Screenplays currently under production:
LAST CALL (15 minutes)
by George Bistransin
In a sleazy gay bar at the end of the night,
three guys have traffic problems
sorting out who's picking up.
FERMENTED (14 minutes)
Outrageous and offbeat—
Paul M. Kelly and Paul Brenner expose the substance beneath the veneer in a fast-paced coffee shop get-together that examines the ambitions, obsessions, and excesses of two gay men. Commitments are realized as friendship is presented as a source of comfort and frustration.
Screenplays to consider for future projects:
Hell for the Holidays (16 minutes)
by Jim Arnold
“Hell for the Holidays” is a dark comedy about gay couple Steve and Warren and the bad things that happen when one of them runs into an old flame on Thanksgiving.
No Place Like Home (17 minutes)
by Bryan Mora
A gay man struggles with his confidence and sense of self in the world, especially at the scene of his high school reunion.

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